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RISHABH 410 - Voltactiv
0735 832 286 / 0722 340 694 office@voltactiv.ro



RISHABH 410 digital multimeter is suited for universal, general applications in the electrical and electronics fields for training and education. It is a compact design, that fits into pocket. The protective cover, which is provided as standard equipment, can be opened at an angle for convenient reading on the work bench.
  • Functionally Enhanced Dual Display
  • Digital Display with 3¾ Digit, 4000 Count
  • 0.5% basic DC accuracy
  • Direct and alternating voltages from 100μV … 1000V
  • Direct and alternating currents from 10μA … 10.00A
  • Resistance from 1Ω… 40.00MΩ with zero correction
  • Capacitance from 1pF … 200.00 microF with zero correction
  • Frequencies from 10.00Hz … 500kHz
  • Diode measurement and continuity testing
  • Hold measurement .
  • Relative measurement.
  • Duty cycle (%) measurement
  • Temperature measurement with K type Thermocouple
  • Backlit Feature.
  • Measuring Category: CAT II (1000V) & CAT III (600V)
Basic Features
Digital Display 4000 Count
Basic Accuracy ±0.5%
Measuring Category CAT II – 1000V, CAT III – 600V
Automatic Blocking System Yes
Warranty 3 years
DC Voltage Measurement 1000V
Best Accuracy ±0.5% rdg. +2D
AC Voltage Measurement 1000V
Best Accuracy ±1% rdg. +5D
DC Current Measurement 10A
Best Accuracy ±0.8% rdg. +2D
AC Current Measurement 10A
Best Accuracy ±1% rdg. +5D
Resisitance Measurement 40MΩ
Best Accuracy ±0.8% rdg. +2D
Capacitance Measurement 200μF
Best Accuracy ±0.5% rdg. +3D
Frequency Measurement 500 kHz
Best Accuracy ±0.2% rdg. +2D
Temp Measurement K-Type Thermocouple 0…. + 1300 Deg. C
Continuity Testing Yes
Diode Test 1 V
Duty Cycle 2.0…..98.0%
Diagnostics & Data 
Data Hold/MIN-MAX Yes/-
Relative Measurement Yes
Measurements per second 3 in Digital
Digital Display (Dimensions in mm) 50X30
Digit Height 15 mm
Backlit Yes
Physical Attributes
Dimensions in mm (WXHXD) 86X185X55
Protective Rubber Holster Yes
Weight with batteries 0.48 Kg
Battery/Service Life 2X1.5 / 300hrs

Automatic/manual measuring range selection

The measurement functions are chosen with the rotary selector switch.The measuring range is automatically adjusted to the measurement value. The measuring range can also be manually selected with the AUTO/MAN button.
Note : For Temperature ( 0C ) , Frequency ( Hz ) , Duty cycle ( % ), and Capacitance ( F ) measuring range is AUTO . No Manual range selection is possible.
Diode and continuity testing
Testing of the polarity of diodes, as well as inspection for short-circuits and circuit interruptions can be carried out in this function. In addition to the display, resistance of less than approx 55 ± 25Ω are indicated with an acoustic signal.
Overload warning
An acoustic signal occurs when measuring AC voltage>750V, DC Voltage>1000V, AC/DC mA current>400.0mA, AC/DC current>10.00A.
Auto Power Off for longer battery life
The instrument is switched off automatically, if none of the operating elements have been activated for about 15 minutes.
Protective cover for rough operating conditions
A protective rubber holster with a built-in stand protects the instrument against jolts and falls. It also secures the test probe for one-hand operation, and allows for winding of the measurement cable which provides protection during transport.
Automatic terminal blocking system(ABS)
The automatic terminal blocking system prevents incorrect connection of test lead and incorrect selection of measurement quantity, which provide safety to the user.


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